EFFESUS Final Conference

EFFESUS Final Conference | 24 June 2016 Dordrecht, Netherlands | Presentations, booklet and video online.

city view

EFFESUS is a EU funded research project that investigates the energy efficiency of European historic urban districts and develops technologies and systems for improvement. It unites 23 partners from the academic sector and industry, and municipal authorities from 13 European states.

More than 40% of emissions are due to buildings and more than 25% of buildings were built before 1945. The project is motivated by a need to reduce energy consumption, by contributing to energy efficiencies and to promote the conservation of historic cities. Within the project, a range of energy insulating materials have been developed which are being tested for effectiveness at the Fraunhofer Centre in southern Germany.

A one day conference was held last week in the Netherlands where the project partners gave presentations on their results. (Click here to see the presentations)

The project video was presented publicly for the first time, providing a short overview about the intentions, activities, and results of the EFFESUS project (click here to see the video).

Also the booklet “Energy Efficiency in European historic urban districts – A practical guidance” was released, containing a wide range of information to support communities in improving energy efficiency in European historic districts (click here to read and download).

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