The Sustainable Shine Dome: Envisioning Sustainable Futures for Heritage

The University of Canberra has partnered with the Academy of Science, GML Heritage and GHD Engineering, to develop an innovative sustainability plan for a net-zero emissions future for the National Heritage Listed Canberra landmark, the Shine Dome.

The multidisciplinary research team led by Michael Jasper, Professor of Architecture, and Tracy Ireland, Professor of Cultural Heritage, will investigate innovative approaches to ensure progressive energy and emissions reductions that contribute to the future protection and promotion of the Shine Dome’s unique heritage values. As part of this project, there will be a series of Workshops and Symposia that aim to build a conversation around heritage values and sustainability.

To kick off the series, on Friday 4 December 2020 in a hybrid (in person and online) symposium, the Academy of Science held a conversation on sustainable heritage futures. Featuring local and international experts, including the Getty’s Susan Macdonald and Dr Caroline Noller of the Footprint Company, the symposium introduced the Sustainable Shine Dome project, explore the Shine Dome’s heritage values, and examined case studies of sustainability and heritage places.

Watch the online recordings here.

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